Prityazh_Opera Татьяна Казакова

Music and Sound Design


This video and music was made up as the result of an open call held by the creative community "Gravity". The general idea was to come up with a humorous passage, for the best of which the composer Nikita Sorokin would have composed a mini-opera (less than 3 minutes long).

Ideas and solutions

Based on the story of Daniil Kharms "Falling out old women" Sorokin composed a mini-opera, which was recorded by the soloists of "Gravity". This recording was used by the illustrator Elizaveta Romanova to create a visual series that reveals the narrative and complements the music. While working on the recording, sound engineers Nikolay Kurlanov and Alexei Zarubin decided to try to bring the track as close as possible to live concert sound. In the musical miniature for a narrator, string quartet, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn and ping pong ball, all instruments were recorded simultaneously in the same room. During mixing, the specifics of Kharms's image prompted the use of additional effects (echo, delay, plate reverb, etc.) to create a more "surreal" sound.