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Dodo Pizza UK Иван Дергачев

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Dodo Pizza is one of Europe's fastest-growing restaurant chains. Since 2017 there have already been opened four traditional Dodo Pizzas in the UK. New restaurant in Leamington Spa was supposed to have the same product. But the pandemic made it harder to bring a new place on market. UK is one of the most competitive pizza markets, so it was decided to get through this clutter not only with a drastically new product, but also with new positioning and communication

Идеи и решения

During our research of the audience and the market we found out that United Kingdom is barely “united” these days. Take politics, economy, football and sprinkle a bit of global pandemic – and you’ve got yourself a country divided in every matter possible. With all this, there is at least one thing that unites the British: everybody loves pizza. This insight helped us to form the strategy. Dodo’s goal is to bring lads and gals of opposing perspectives back together. And our branding approach is to bring together opposite worlds and find the identity right at the intersection: black meets neon orange, antiqua font meets grotesque, and psychedelic illustrations meet engraving stylization. Not only we’ve created a memorable tongue-in-cheek visual style, but we’ve managed to reignite the love for pizza by curating the whole experience. We’ve developed design for pizza boxes, delivery packages and cars, merch for employees, pizza makers and delivery men, and the shop-window. Our team has developed photo style, a visual language for promos in different media and all the communication, including pizzas' naming, posters, menus and digital boards for the restaurant. The Leamington Spa restaurant opened in December 2020 and immediately became the #1 selling Dodo store in the UK (and still is), with more weekly orders and monthly sales almost twice as high as average unit sales