Website for multimedia screen for car acoustics Pioneer Андрей Компанеец

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Задача проекта

Goals: - Informing consumers about the new product - Growth in sales of the new device Tasks: To develop a website which will acquaint the user with the functionality of the new headunit, show its key advantages and lead to the purchase of a new product in the online store

Идеи и решения

A) Target audience: 20-44, men. Owners of new and used domestically produced cars or foreign-made cars of the middle price range. B) Product: headunit SPH-T20BT with detachable SDA-80TAB tablet. C) Advantages: - Combining the functionality of a tablet and a radio tape recorder in one device - Open platform Android 9 Pie - Ability to use the versatile detachable tablet in the car, at home, at work or while traveling - Fine tuning of the sound based on the characteristics of the auto, the style of music and the preferences of the listener - Connecting parking sensors - Connecting a rear view camera 4. Ideas and solutions A promo website dedicated to the new product was launched. The site has shown excellent results. The overall conversion to online stores reached 43%. The product aroused great interest among the target audience. Convenient presentation (site with screen scrolling) allowed the core of the target audience – people working in technical fields - to get acquainted with the advantages of this product in their usual format.