Faberlic Bioglow Лаодика Славгородская

Брендинг и коммуникационный дизайн
Фирменный стиль

Задача проекта

Packaging design for brand new skincare line. Adopt the idea of fast and easy solutions in terms of skincare.

Идеи и решения

Our graphic language is built on clean typography, inspired by billboards and street signs, filled with simple lucid messages that instantly translates the product’s attributes. We used humanistic Big City Grotesque and Bodoni-inspired Kazimir fonts to create this energetic city vibe. This contrast between the weights and styles helped us create a dynamic and transparent way of conveying the marketing messages of the products.And the clear tangerine refers to the main feature of the new line — massive amount of vitamin C! https://redobureau.com/work/faberlic-bioglow