End Of Summer Moscow Mule

Брендинг и коммуникационный дизайн
Фирменный стиль

Задача проекта

The task was to create visual identity for "End of Summer" — a festival cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Идеи и решения

Visual identity for "End of Summer" — a festival that never happened. The "End of Summer" is (was supposed to be) a new festival happening in Moscow. The event combines various activities such as live music gigs, gastronomic space with food from local producers, and a flea market. The identity for the 1st edition of the festival was inspired by the joyous atmosphere of the last summer days when everyone savors the final moments of the ending season. The design system is cooked using 3 principal ingredients: neutral typographic layout, contrast colors, and geometric illustrations of the sun, all serving as a metaphor of transition between seasons, a timeframe when the solar days shorten and the temperature starts to fall. Additionally, we created custom lettering for the festival's logotype that looks a bit nostalgic and playful. To promote the event, we designed a series of posters combining all graphical elements together. The modular structure allowed us to create variations of the same layout leading to a more dynamic rhythm. In addition to the printed matter, we developed the festival's merchandise featuring t-shirts and stickers.