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Задача проекта

Tele2 provides high quality 4G connection across Russia. Today a mobile phone is a multifunctional device which is used for capturing best moments of our lives, creating unique content. With the aim to provide a truly useful and empowering service for young street sportsmen, we created an innovation, combining in one intelligent system several technologies: hi-definition street cameras, face recognition technology, cloud storage, video rendering and editing software, 4G mobile connection.

Идеи и решения

Skateboarding looks amazing. But did you know, that it actually takes up to 850 falls to make a new trick? Even more painful: when you finally made it, you probably didn’t film it. And in 2021 it is «no video — no trick». Russian telecommunication operator Telel2 introduces 4G SkateCam — the world's first automatic personal skate-trick capture and content editing solution that helps riders to create and share original skate-trick content. The system works in 2 simple steps: 1/ Service recognises skaters with Face Recognition technology and 5 hi-definition 4G cameras capture their ride and tricks. 2/ The user gets a ready-made video of the ride via the online site. Then chooses the style, effects, music, uploads and shares the final result. «Now every skater could access a whole 4G studio in a couple of clicks. There is no need to ask an operator to shoot your tricks or purchase an expensive soft to cut the content. Every jump you made in a skate park equipped with SkateCam technology will be on the cloud and ready to be shared with the community within a few minutes» Inna Pokhodnya, Marketing Director, Tele2 Russia The project was launched in 3 cities of Russia: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, and Perm, and was supported with contest and masterclasses from the most iconic Russian skate brand Union, and promoted by the most recognisable Russian skate athletes, including top Russian female pro-skater and RedBull athlete Ksenia Maricheva. More than 4000 videos were made, and Tele2 managed to increase brand relevancy by 58%, and by brand consideration by 25%. The project also got support and high appreciation of Instagram. Caitlin Ryan, VP Creative Shop EMEA, Facebook called it «Innovation that brings outstanding and personalized brand experience»