Odin's Arrow Natascha Stogu

Интерактивные проекты

Задача проекта

Hello! I am studying advertising directing at the Film Academy BW and I want to present you my third year project. In the Academy students choose by themselves for whom to make an ad/spec. I am a big fan of sound design and from the very beginning I wanted to make a video that works 50 percent with sound and thereby sends the viewer into the world of their own fantasies.

Идеи и решения

I think a very important point is that I made this video in Germany - the activities of sperm banks are prohibited in here. Many couples have to order samples and implant its on their own, and here Cryos is known to a huge number of people! The most important decision was to devote a lot of time to sound design. And it was worth it - for the first time in the history of the Film Academy BW, permission was given to mix this spec spot in Dolby Atmos! The decision of the Academy here was not enough, and of course, as a result, we also enlisted the support of the Dolby themselves, so now we can legally show the video all over the world, where cinemas allow it. Having collected all possible cliches about Vikings, we were able to tell the story of the moment that every pregnant woman experiences very emotionally - the first baby's kick. Changing the atmosphere - primarily in the cinematography and color correction - helps the viewer to experience this special moment together with the main protagonist. Cryos people have already contacted us - they really liked the spec! So one of the main tasks has been completed, which makes me very happy as the author of the idea and the director!