Dagestan Ear Natascha Stogu

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dear Judges! i am a student in the department of advertising directing in Ludwigsburg (DE). in my third year we shoot two specs and here is one of them. i actually come from documentary directing, so then in my third year of advertising directing class i found my passion for documentary advertising. first i thought of the idea to make a short film about Dagestan and its wrestlers. my teachers found my idea very cool and advised to find a perfect brand for that spec.

Идеи и решения

have you heard about Diesel's #GoWithTheFlaw campaign? after a long brainstorming i finally figured out how to make the film so that it fits Diesel's context. a few years ago Diesel presented the #GoWithTheFlaw campaign - "you are special and that is your strength". imperfections are perfect. everything came together! broken ears of our Dagestani champions present exactly that message! pride and confidence, challenging social standards - it's all Diesel. I took a risky decision to voice the film by myself. it is difficult to explain such a move in the world of perfect voice overs. i wanted to make a woman the narrator - firstly, because a woman has a special status in Dagestan and it is not always meant in a bad way. in this film we see only one woman, she is the narrator and she is also the one for whom they fight. and on the other hand to tell about the Muslim republic in Russia through the voice of a woman, I thought it was just necessary and the only right thing to do.