Unlimint (Cardpay rebranding)

Unlimint (Cardpay rebranding) Иван Дергачев

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Задача проекта

Unlimint is a global fintech company, previously known as Cardpay. It’s a B2B financial platform offering payment services and corporate banking for digital retail and innovative businesses. Unlimint is a leader in online payments market. Today the company works with hundreds of payment methods, only three of which support physical cards, indicated in the former logo and name. Therefore the task was to relaunch the brand under a new name Unlimint.

Идеи и решения

The idea is based on the tension between human nature and progress: people naturally want things to stay the same, any major change feels odd and scary for them. But what’s comfortable for people could be a risky strategy for businesses, which need to constantly evolve and adapt. That’s why Unlimint mission is to help companies embrace and even lead the change — to prepare them for tomorrow. The brand platform "Ready for tomorrow" reflects the company's vision: bring the financial world of tomorrow closer to businesses here and now. Unlimint aims to become the default money interface worldwide and to enable payments to flow freely and invisibly across borders. The identity is built on three pillars: a daring and futuristic display font Nekst from Type Today, a bright and energetic green color, and graphic elements symbolizing constant renewal. Among such elements are animated "radar" gradient, stylized preloader icons, rotating symmetrical compositions. The project included brand strategy, creative platform, visual identity, website redesign and UI-kit. The team presented design for a bank card, business documents, employee uniforms and events decoration, corporate souvenirs and gifts. There is a special line of ironic merch, which presents common things as something from the past — a plastic bag, a paper business card, a smartphone case that you still need to hold in your hands. We’ve also developed HR branding for Unlimint. People are the main resource of the company, they are curious, smart, agile, ambitious — they are Unlimiters. The visual image of the HR brand consists of the brand logo and different update symbols. Stylish merch for employees refers to the future and reminds of the Unlimiters’ principles. We’ve created a "ready for tomorrow" kit for employees. Set of items includes a "ready to brainstorm" pencil, a "ready to any surprise" portable battery, "ready to any weather" raincoats and other things.