Advertising campaign of the pioneer car dashboard camera recorder (DVR)

Advertising campaign of the pioneer car dashboard camera recorder (DVR) Андрей Компанеец

Интерактивные проекты
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Задача проекта

Target audience: men 25+. Owners of new and used domestically produced cars or foreign-made cars of the middle price range. Income: average and above average. Product: new dash camera VTEC-150 MD (rear-view mirror) Tasks: - Informing consumers about the new product - Motivation to choose the Pioneer brand over competing brands - Growth in sales of the new device

Идеи и решения

A promo website dedicated to the new model of the DVR was launched. The slogan of the site is "We are on the way!" A media advertising campaign was carried out in which we used channels such as Instagram, Facebook, VK, Yandex Direct and Yandex Media. The campaign shown that the site aroused the interest of the target audience and gave excellent results for the industry. The conversion to the online store was 34.8% and the bounce rate was 13.3%. The best results were demonstrated by Instagram: conversion was the highest and the bounce rate was quite low. Initially, there was a hypothesis that women could also be included in the target audience, but it was not confirmed: among the female audience, the conversion to buy was significantly lower and the bounce rate was higher. This made it possible to make sure that in the future, when conducting an advertising campaign, it is worth focusing only on men. During the promotion of this model of the DVR, sales growth of 67.5% (ROI = 269%) was noted. In addition, the promotion had a positive effect on the sales of other models of Pioneer DVRs.