OLV for Cyclodynon Андрей Компанеец

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Задача проекта

Increasing the level of knowledge, stimulating the initial purchase. the consumer who did not think that every month she was worried about the symptoms of PMS, disrupting her usual life, and blamed all the cyclical manifestations on her bad character and environment, realized that this is not the norm-this is a violation of the hormonal balance and as a result, the symptoms of PMS. And that life can be without PMS symptoms if you use Cyclodynone.

Идеи и решения

Slogan is «To help you need to understand» Sometimes during PMS, it is difficult for a woman to control emotions, it seems that the whole world around is hostile and no one understands her. These days it is difficult to communicate even with the closest people. Cyclodynone during the course of admission prevents unpleasant manifestations of PMS and helps not to move away from close people. The script of the video is written according to the scheme updating the problem in the absence of a product https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5kljGCNiAM