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Задача проекта

The main goal of rebranding of Museum of analogue photography was to make the style look more structured, to show how it can live on different formats. Previously, the museum had only logo and web page with no elements of the style on it.

Идеи и решения

The museum is located in St. Petersburg and has a small number of regular visitors, it is hard to notice this building if you have never seen it before. Inside the museum it is hard to navigate, because there are no navigation signs and names of the objects exhibited. I have made several ideas, including the one that is based on rewind principle. When you make a photo on analogue camera, you move on to the next frame. Using this trick, I have built a whole style, created a communication with their auditory online and offline and made a set of custom objects. Here is how their museum looked before the rebranding: https://www.photohismus.spb.ru